Series V Semi-automatic Welding Machine
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    Series V Semi-automatic Welding Machine is a sort of tin case welding and manufacturing facility of high quality and low price, which is produced by Shantou Light Industry Mechanics Factory Company for those small-scale metal can manufacturing enterprises. It has features as followed:1 It adopts a series C of OMRON of Japan, with programmable controller and self-contained detection original production.2 Its master drive applies a system of conversion and infinite speed variation, which can therefore ensure the speed stability and the quality of welding. 3 Its main water-air controlling parts are originally imported. And a German FESTO rodless cylinder with guide rail is applied to the can delivering system, which is of high transporting velocity and good reliability. 4 It has an self-contained protection system (white welding)of azotes-spraying welding seam. Beside, it can extend and assort an inside and outside coating of welding and finally dry to lines. Among them, an American NORDSON system is used for the inner coating applies. 5 With VH series, a DODO-S welding system is applied, which can enhance the welding speed and meet the special need of aerosol can.6 With accessory power supply transformer when necessary, its welding frequency is 80-260Hz (adjustable), ensuring the best soldering points at high welding speed.

    Specification of Series V of Shantou Semi-automatic Welding Machine

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