QM-150(QH-80) Full Automatic Bodywelder
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    QM-150(QH-80) Automatic Resistance Tin Body Welding Machine series is newest improved product of QM series of Shantou Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. The machine uses several new technology, like human-computer interface and applies new PLC etc., whole machine synchronous control uses digital input; with new converting welding power supply can do the current compensation control to any position of the welding line; the machine also uses frequency conversion speed regulating system instead of mechanical stepless speed changing system. Newest AC servo system takes place of tin pulling out device, copper lines distance between tins is shorten to 2mm, so it can achieve current continuous welding, tin making speed is improved to medium speed machine. Tin making quality is excellent, parts chosen are reliable, tin applicable scope is wide, and it's the ideal tin-making machine in metal container industry.

    Specification of QM-150(QH-80) fully automatic bodywelders

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